Steuart Out at KVVU

Darrin McDonald promoted to acting GM at Meredith-owned Fox affiliate.

Former KVVU Las Vegas general manager Holly Steuart left the station.

Steuart was named vice president and GM in August 2004. Her last day was last Friday, and general sales manager Darrin McDonald was promoted to acting GM.

Insiders at the Meredith-owned Fox affiliate said morale was low and poor communication plagued the station.

Coming from the news side of the business, Steuart was involved in a minor controversy last month stemming from KVVU accepting product placement in the form of McDonald’s iced-coffee cups on the anchor desk during the Fox5 News: Live in Las Vegas morning program.

“News is news and sales is sales,” she said at the time. “We pursue news vigorously no matter where it leads, even if it’s up to a client’s doorstep.”

Steuart’s role in inserting marketers into local programming was not considered a factor in her departure. KVVU enthusiastically promotes advertisers during its More program.