Stern Hit with S-Word Complaint


It didn't take long for Florida attorney Jack Thompson's fax machine to start humming again.

After filing an indecency complaint against use of the S-Word on CBS' 60 Minutes (he hadn't actually heard it himself), Thomson yesterday said he had filed another complaint Wednesday, this one against all Infinity stations carrying Howard Stern.
Both Infinity and CBS are owned by Viacom.
Thomson, who has filed complaints against Stern before, apparently had not heard this S-word either.
"I have been informed by a highly reliable source," wrote Thompson to the FCC with a copy at least marked to Viacom President Mel Karmazin, "that Stern clearly, intentionally aired a guest’s utterance" of the expletive. "It is also apparently clear, from the context of the show, that Stern did this in order, yet again, to dare the FCC to act."
A Viacom spokesman couldn't confirm or deny that the word had been aired.
FCC complaints such as Thompson's have become of increasing concern to broadcasters following the FCC's ruling that expletives, regardless of context, may be censured.
Arguably, some broadcasters' willingness to crack down hard on their own content has emboldened such efforts.