Stephanopoulos to anchor This Week


This Week, the ABC News Sunday morning program,
will get its anticipated overhaul this September when George Stephanopoulos will
take over as anchor of the program.

Stephanopoulos has served as an analyst and correspondent with ABC News since

He'll replace Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts, who will continue to have other
roles at the news division.

David Westin, president of ABC News said, 'as the torch at This Week
is passed to George Stephanopoulos, I could not have more confidence in his
abilities to lead the program forward. In his more than five years at ABC News
covering national and international stories, George has demonstrated a keen
understanding of the issues and superb ability to communicate to an

Stephanopoulos, a top aide to President Bill Clinton before joining ABC News,
will to continue to make contributions to other news division programs including
Good Morning America and World News Tonight.

He'll also be involved in the division's 2004 presidential campaign election
coverage (as he was in 2000).

Going forward, Donaldson will report and substitute anchor for
Nightline, and contribute to the ABC primetime newsmagazines.

He will also continue to anchor his nationally syndicated daily radio
program, Live in America and his webcast, Sam Donaldson @ ABC

Roberts indicated a while ago she intended to cut back on her workload at ABC
but she will continue to have an on-air role, serving as a political

Specifics weren't spelled out however.

She is also a senior news analyst with National Public Radio and writes a
nationally syndicated column.

And she is currently at work on a book, 'Founding Mothers,' which will be
published next year.