Stealth Marketing For Lost Scores


Anne Sweeney says ABC's stealth marketing of hit drama, Lost, has paid off in 4 million hits to a web site for the nonexistent Oceanic Air.

Sweeney, president of the Disney/ABC Television group, says show creators worked with marketers to integrate the Oceanic Air signage elements into airport flashback scenes of the show's finale.

Then ABC sent out postcards to viewers featuring the airline's logo on one side and the Web site address on the other (

The idea, Sweeney said, was to keep the buzz for the show going through the summer. Sweeney told an audience of promotion and marketing types at the Promax/BDA conference in New York that one of the keys was to know the audience. "They were primed for this," she said of an audience that could be described as putting the fanatic in fan.

The site, which points out that all flights have been canceled, features mostly dead links. But there is at least one that leads to a Lost trivia contest where correct guessers are put on a list to communicate directly with Lost writers.