Stations Get Lion's Ad Share of My TV


Fox’s planned network My Network TV will give its affiliates a majority of advertising inventory in its prime time block, one way the network is enticing stations to sign on.
When the network launches in September, affiliates will receive 65% of ad inventory, or nine minutes an hour, while the network keeps the remaining five minutes. 
That is more ad time than local stations typically receive in prime time or in barter syndication deals, which are usually an even split with syndicators. The CW, for example, is offering stations three minutes of commercials in prime and four minutes during daytime.

Fox unveiled the new network Wednesday as an alternative to CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. the CW, also launching in September when the WB and UPN shut down and merge into the new service. So far, Fox’s nine UPN stations and one independent will carry My Network TV.
Along with increased ad time, Fox is also not seeking reverse compensation payments from stations, unlike The CW, which is asking stations to pay for its programming.