Stations Face DTV Channel Deadline


According to station consulting firm BIA Financial Network, there are still 246 TV stations, 39 in the top 10 TV markets, that have not received their "post-transition" DTV channel assignment.

According to the company, 167 TV stations have gotten notices from the FCC that they cannot keep their current analog channal alotment as their DTV channel without resolving "impermissible interference" issues.

The switch may be years away--Jan. 1, 2009, is the current date of choice--but in a notice to clients, BIA said the affected stations will have only 60 days to get back to the commission with a plan for resolving that conflict if they want to get the channel.

In addition, 10 stations who were asking for a different channel were rejected. They, too, have 60 days to respond.

Then there are 69 orphan stations-ones that did not elect a post-transition channel.

"The large number of television stations still without a permanent DTV assignment presents a monumental challenge for the FCC," says BIAfn senior engineer Sid Shumate.