Station Revenue Off 22.4% In 2009

Year finishes worse than expected at $15.6 billion

Television station revenue looks to total $15.6 billion when 2009 comes to a close, reports BIA/Kelsey. That represents a 22.4% decline from 2008's $20.1 billion.

The year finished worse than BIA/Kelsey had earlier anticipated. The firm forecasted a 17% drop-off for the year on July 1, to $16.6 billion.

BIA/Kelsey sees 2010 revenues increasing slightly to $16.1 billion. The company does not see a dramatic recovery for the foreseeable future, with a high water mark of $16.8 billion in the presidential election year of 2012.

"While television's numbers are tapering down due to audience erosion from other media delivery options, we continue to see that local TV remains a valuable way to reach relatively larger audiences, critical for mass communications in political campaigns," said BIA Advisory Services V.P. Mark Fratrik, Ph.D. "Additionally, online revenues are expected to grow as stations get more sophisticated in the way they sell to advertisers and integrate their mobile and Internet offerings with their broadcasting operations."