Station Ownership in the Top 25 Markets


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Digital television is changing the configuration of local TV, and many stations are also adding multicast channels, all of which makes for more places that will need syndicated or local programming. The following list is a compilation of which companies own what full-power analog and digital stations and their digital subchannels in the top 25 U.S. markets. It also lists each station's network affiliation.

The list that follows only includes commercial full-power stations, not public or religious broadcasters, which typically are not buyers at NATPE. Not listed, either, are low-power, Class A, repeater, translator and satellite stations. But it does include stations that are not physically located in the market, but whose signal covers a significant portion of it.

Listings were compiled using Nielsen Media Research, the FCC and other sources.

Click here for a downloadable PDF: Station Ownership - Top 25 Markets