Start spreadin the news


If you'd ask, "What's new?'' around Broadcasting & Cable these days, the answer that would likely come back is, "We are!"

A few weeks of "teaser'' ads should have tipped off readers. In case you missed them, here's a recap: After months of reader research, starting next Monday, you'll be seeing a brand new Broadcasting & Cable that's slightly larger, much brighter and, we hope, much improved.

"In an ongoing effort to better serve our readership, the new Broadcasting & Cable is designed to be more reader-friendly and easier to access,'' said Bill McGorry, group vice president. "It reflects the pace of change in today's market."

The new magazine will boast several new sections and features and a brand new feel, designed to give readers a good look at not just what's news, but also what that news means to broadcast, cable and new-media executives, their advertisers and audience.

Even our logo will be different-there's a copy of it above-but the familiar Broadcasting "bolt" remains as part of the magazine's graphic identity, as it has been since we began as Broadcasting magazine nearly 70 years ago.

Said Larry Oliver, group publisher, "We think the new look of Broadcasting & Cable recognizes the long, distinguished history of the magazine and jump-starts us to the boundless future of media in the 21st century."

We hope readers enjoy our early fall premiere as much as we do.