Star Trekking to the Top


The top science fiction weekend hour in syndication is one of the oldest: Paramount Domestic Television's digital remastering of the original Star Trek led the pack, according to the latest Nielsen weekly ratings report for the week ending Oct. 8.

Star Trek, which turned 40 last month, recorded a 1.2 rating, down a tick from the 1.3 the week before, but that was in the face of stiff competition from the MLB playoffs featuring several teams with top-market rooting interest--Yankees, Mets, A's.

Paramount returned the series to the syndication rotation after giving it a digital facelift to make it more viewer-friendly to a generation weaned on computer graphics.

Trek's 1.2 topped Stargate: Atlantis at a 1.1; Stargate SG-1 with a 1.0; and Outer Limits at a .4. It also beat the off-Sci Fi Channel Farscape at a .8, though that show is classified as a general drama rather than sci-fi.