Spot gains



National spot TV advertising was up 16% in the second quarter, to a little over $2.9 billion, according to figures supplied by Competitive Media Reporting, the New York-based ad tracker.

Local-spot advertising was up 7%, to more than $1.2 billion in the quarter. Total local-TV advertising (the national-spot and local-spot figures combined) was up 13.7% to a little more than $4.1 billion. For the first half, national spot was up 18% to almost $5.8 billion, while local spot climbed 8% to almost $2.4 billion.

Total first-half local advertising was up 15% to almost $8.2 billion. Much of the gains came from political spending, and the best is yet to come in that category because most of those dollars are placed in October in the run-up to the election. But the first-half numbers are so good that the Television Bureau of Advertising has boosted its full-year projections for national spot to as much as $12.3 billion, or 14% higher than 1999. Last year, spot was down 2.4%, the first drop since 1991.