SportsLine revs up, but loses $36 million

Original:, publisher of CBS posted a $36 million loss for the year in EBITDA on revenue of $87 million.

That more than doubled the $42 million in revenue it posted last year. On Tuesday, SportsLine also posted $9 million loss for the fourth quarter, thanks to nearly $80 million in deferred revenue. would have posted a $47 million loss, compared to a $6 million loss for the same quarter last year. But it took a gain of $78.8 million in deferred revenue from promotion deals with ISN and which were ended during the quarter.

The $18 million in advertising revenue it realized in the quarter represented 80% of its income, and nearly doubled the $9.9 million it recorded during 4Q '99. also made some mileage in page views, hitting 2.8 billion during the quarter for a 30.2 million daily average.
- Richard Tedesco