Split Decision on Kids Rule Mishaps


The FCC admonished one TV station and took no action against another Wednesday for violations of kids TV rules.

The first station, KLJB-Tv Davenport, Iowa, was admonished--an official reprimand--for airing a program-length commercial. In this case it was airing--eight years ago--a show that included an ad featuring one of the show's characters. The FCC says that any such host-selling, even brief and inadvertent, turns the entire show into a program-length commercial in violation of ad limits

The other, KWEX-TV San Antonio, Texas, inadvertently exceeded those ad limits by a mere 15 seconds.

Both stations volunteered the violations as part of their license renewal applications. The The admonition almost certainly won't impede the KLJB license renewal.

The FCC has cited dozens of such violations as it works through license renewal applications, fining some overages of several minutes in length, admonishing others for ad overages or failing to file the requisite papers, and taking no action to the most fleeting violations.