Spike TV, Ultimate Fighting Championship Set Voter-Registration Campaign

‘Fight for Your Ultimate Right’ to Be Featured on Both Web Sites, Arenas, On-Air Promos

Vote or we'll kick the $#%@ out of you. That's not exactly the message, but Spike TV and Ultimate Fighting Championship, which airs on the cable network, are teaming up on a "get-out-the-vote" campaign.

"Fight for Your Ultimate Right" will target the 20 million young adults who are in the fight league's target audience and who have not yet registered to vote. They make up more than 25% of all unregistered voters, Spike TV said.

The effort will include voter-registration drives in UFC arenas, with the help of the Public Interest Research Group's New Voters Project, as well as on-air promos on the network and on the respective Web sites of Spike TV and UFC, including links to online voter-registration partner Declare Yourself.