Speed Wins, Says Seidenberg


Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg says speed will be the killer app in the new Internet revolution, which he says will be all about video.

"The next generation of broadband experiences won't be text-based or verbal," he told the TelcomNExt convention in Las Vegas, "but visual. High-definition. Three-dimensional. Like the holograms in Star Wars – that come to life."

Seidenberg said the golden speed was 100-megabits per second, and speed, says Seidenberg, "wins."

"In markets where we've offered FiOS Data for nine months," he says, "we have an average penetration rate of 14 percent – the fastest of any product we've ever launched. And in Keller, Texas, over 30% of the customers have gone to FiOS TV since we started offering it six months ago this week.

"These results have exceeded even our most aggressive forecasts. That's pretty dramatic evidence that customers are ready for competition and innovation in video."