SPEED Tunes Up Sound With Linear Acoustic

Employs 5.1-channel upmixing technology

Audio processing specialist Linear Acoustic announced that Fox Cable Networks property SPEED Network is using the company's UPMAX 5.1-channel upmixing technology to maintain consistent audio quality for its motor racing coverage.

Linear Acoustic's UPMAX technology, which is primarily used to convert stereo audio to 5.1-channel Dolby Digital sound, is provided through the company's own products and also through licensing deals with third-party manufacturers. At its Charlotte, N.C. headquarters, SPEED is using UPMAX via a Cobalt Digital 9305 embedded audio delay processor. The Cobalt Digital product creates an infinitely adjustable multichannel signal that is downmix-compatible and also serves as a solution for integrating legacy two-channel material into today's 5.1 channel programs.

While the video and audio sources for SPEED's race coverage and other programming varies, the use of UPMAX provides consistent, high-quality audio for viewers listening in 5.1 while downmixing accurately for those listening in stereo.