Speciale: Cross-platform buzz a dud


Cross-platform deals may make big media companies swoon, but one veteran
media buyer dismissed their value Thursday.

"Cross-platform is the buzz, but it's what the optimizer was a few years ago:
it's horse s___," MediaCom executive vice president Donna Speciale said at a
American Women in Radio and Television luncheon in New York, speaking on panel of media buyers.

Media powerhouses like Viacom Inc. and The Walt Disney Co., Speciale said, are bundling together an
array of assets that aren't necessarily connected. And cross-platform deals are
"not just buying a lot of media on a lot of different assets," she
added. Instead, these deals -- which, she said, take a year to hatch --
should work more like this way: "You take something creative and weave it
through [a buy]."