Sox Nearly Beat Own Record in Beantown


Fox's WFXT-TV Boston came within a Johnny Damon whisker of beating its all-time ratings record with coverage of the Red Sox shutout, game-four, World Series-winning victory over the Cardinals Wednesday night.

Only the heartbreak of the 1986 game seven Series defeat topped the thrill of Wednesday's victory, and only by .9 of a rating point, and only, says the station, because Fox included 30 seconds of intro before the first pitch as the official start time of the program.

As it was, WFXT recorded a 59 rating (no that's not a misprint) for the game, second only to 1986's 59.9 rating. If the game had started only 30 seconds later, opined the station (no bloviating, that's Bill O'Reilly's job), the game would have average a 60.

The game even topped both Patriot Super Bowl victories in households, though not demos.

The Sox magic season now claims three of the station's top five all-time ratings winners, with game seven of the ALCS  coming in at number three with a 56.6 rating, and game three of the World Series at number five at 54.3.