The Soup Host Boils TV Brass


When Fox reality czar Mike Darnell turned out in boxing attire at the Television Critics Association tour earlier this month, he was really plugging his new reality, When Hobbit-Sized Executives Lose Their Self Respect.

Ok, not really.

That was actually one of E! Entertainment Television host Joel McHale’s better one liners at E!’s own TCA session. McCale was giving out his own TCA awards and Darnell was up for "Better Luck Next Time."

Also nominated: the WB’s new chief Garth Ancier, "who seemed to know nothing about his new lineup," McHale quipped. "There’s hot teen drama The O.C. Tree Hill Girls and edgy comedy Quindobblers, along with an ‘island, dating, elimination’ reality show."

But the winner in the "Xanax" field was McHale’s new boss, E! Networks CEO Ted Harbert, "the swearingest, most bad-hair, imitating, dumbfound executive in television."

McHale was good at knocking TV execs, but not too many people actually watch his Friday night show, a pop culture countdown formerly called The What The? Awards but known as The Soup.