Sony Ties in VR App to ‘Ghostbusters’

With the PS VR now available, the studio arm of Sony is ramping up its VR content

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) has released a virtual reality app for both iOS and Android platforms, tied into its recent release of the new Ghostbusters movie.

Dubbed Ghostbusters VR — Now Hiring, the app is free with the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call Extended Edition 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack and has users with VR-compatible mobile devices exploring the film’s firehouse, assembling the proton-pack, and hunting down the famed franchise ghost Slimer. The app is also available as a standalone purchase for $4.99 via Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

“The VR mobile experience is a fun, interactive experience that will delight the ultimate Ghostbusters fan and collector who can get it for free with their purchase of the 4K UHD/3D/BD combo pack,” said Lexine Wong, senior VP of worldwide marketing for SPHE. “The 4K version is already loaded with hours of additional content to explore, and the VR experience brings a whole new level of enjoyment to consumers.”

The app is compatible with Merge VR Goggles and Google Cardboard and can also be viewed in a 360-degree mode.

The studio in late September announced a partnership with Reality One to produce VR content based on the studio’s films and franchises, with narrative VR experiences expected before the end of the year.