Sony Movie Channel Adds New Double Features to Lineup

‘Friday Features' and ‘MANDAYS' will go along with original content, online initiatives
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Movie Channel GM Superna Kalle announced Monday that the first U.S.
multiplatform television network has added two new scheduling blocks to
its lineup.

Friday Features, which will launch April 1, will offer the channels broadest titles in double-feature format. Airing on Friday nights, Features will include movie pairings as The Blue Lagoon/Return to the Blue Lagoon, Memento/Pollack, and Big Fish/The Counterfeiters. The inaugural showing will showcase comedy legend Richard Pryor, with a double feature of Here and Now/Live at the Sunset Strip.

MANDAYS will be similar to Friday Features, except it will air Mondays and will cater to action, adventure and comedy audiences. The inaugural showing will pair Johnny Mnemonic and Sniper back-to-back. 88 Minutes, Toy Soldiers and The Executioner are also on tap. MANDAYS will premiere on April 4.

On April 10, Sony Movie Channel will debut Reel 6,
which is the network's first original interstitial programming. Named
for the extra reel which has been known to contain the newsreels and
behind-the-scenes footage, Reel 6 will give first hand accounts from filmmakers
and producers of their on-set experiences.

new programming and web initiatives make the Sony Movie Channel a
unique and interactive entertainment destination," said Kalle.