Some Discovery Shows Launch on iTunes


Discovery Communications has signed an iTunes deal. It will make 12 series from its suite of cable networks available on the Apple iTunes store for $1.99 per episode. The series, from the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, and Discovery Kids, are available immediately, along with free audio podcasts.

Programming includes Travel Channel’s World’s Best, National Parks Short Films and Passport to Europe; Discovery Health’s Amazing Babies and Pregnancy for Dummies; Discovery Kids’ The Shark and Save-Ums; Discovery’s Mythbusters, Extreme Engineering and Shark Week; and Animal Planet’s Most Extreme and Breed All About It.

The iTunes deal represents Discovery’s latest efforts to meet growing industry demand to offer viewers content wherever they want it, meaning on various digital platforms.

Beginning last month, Discovery became the first TV network to provide video to Google Earth, Google’s free, satellite imagery-based mapping product. The company will place ads on the site and can add pay downloads in the future.

The company also launched a subscription-based broadband site for homework help – Cosmeo – last month, and has begun launching broadband video sites tied to each of its networks. Discovery Channel Beyond and Travel Channel Beyond debuted last month.

Just yesterday it announced that it had a deal to supply some signature PBS series to its service that streams curriculum-based clips and shows to schools.