Solomon Splits From His Baby: Fine Living


Fine Living President Ken Solomon is leaving the network he helped launch two years ago, the network said in a statement. John MacDonald, Fine Living’s SVP of business operations and acquisitions, is taking over as acting GM. He’ll work closely with Fine Living programming chief Charles Segars.

Solomon guided the Scripps Networks’-owned lifestyle channel into 23 million cable homes. The network is a favorite of high-end advertisers and TV critics for programs like Radical Sabbatical, about people who quit the rat race to pursue dream jobs, as well as travel and culture shows.

Before joining Fine Living, Solomon was a studio exec with Universal Studios/Studios USA and co-head of Dreamworks TV. His a syndication resume also includes stints with Fox’s 20th Television, Buena Vista Television and Paramount Domestic Television.

With Fine Living’s brand established, Solomon said the timing was right for him to move on. “The look and the feel, it is all set. Fine Living still has a long way to grow, but we have already jumped over a lot of the hurdles in setting the dye.”  

He isn’t taking his networks advice and going off to travel the world, though. Solomon says he’ll puruse new business ventures, perhaps involving the advertising industry.