SNTA: Survey Results Show Syndie Stars Stand Out


The Syndicated Network Television Assn. (SNTA) has released the results of an E-Score survey showing that syndication stars stand out the most and help same-day viewing in a growing DVR universe.

According to the SNTA, independent research conducted last year by E-Score shows that syndication personalities performed better than network stars among “engagement attributes” such as identification, trust and influence.

“Television is a business that is constantly modifying itself to meet a changing marketplace,” says SNTA President Mitch Burg. “As the communications industry move toward engaging viewers, viewers’ deep emotional connection with syndicated television makes our sector of television even more valuable.”

The research “shows that viewers acknowledge that their true trend setters are the stars of syndication,” Burg proclaims.

In a pitch to increase its share of the advertising pie this year, the SNTA is pointing to “engagement” as a reason why viewers watch syndicated shows on the same day more frequently than they do network shows.

Nielsen in December released research showing that marketers are increasingly concerned about the impact of delayed viewing. But Burg notes that 95% of syndication's adult 18-49 audience “watches our programs on the same day of airing.”

The high percentage is helped by syndication formatting programs to keep commercial pods short, according to Burg, which he says result in 95% of program viewers staying through the commercial breaks and having higher recall.

The SNTA correlates the research with the networks increasing reliance on syndication for primetime talent. It points to ABC looking to Oprah Winfrey to produce primetime series, Ellen DeGeneres hosting this year’s Oscars, Dr. Phil McGraw’s primetime specials and Regis Philbin being in continued demand.

Newer syndication staples like Tyra Banks and Rachael Ray are also mainstays in primetime or cable, according to the SNTA.