SNTA Pushes Thin-Syn


Most industry insiders know fin-syn (the rule that once excluded networks from domestic syndication): Now there is thin-syn.

According to the Syndicated Network Television Association, a new in-house study shows that people who consume diet foods, drink diet sodas, watch diet videos and go to health clubs are more likely to be watching a syndicated show than the general population.

The numbers must be taken with a grain of sodium-free salt substitute, however, since they give no indication of whether the same holds true for all TV watchers vs. the general population, or just those tuned to syndication.

With that caveat, and remembering that SNTA is trying to sell syndication as the medium of advertiser choice, its numbers, provided by research firm MRI, suggest that syndication viewers are more likely than the general population to buy organic, sugar-free, low cholesterol, or fat-free foods.

For those advertisers looking to drill down even deeper, according to SNTA, viewers to syndicated access magazines are the most likely to buy diet books, followed by sci-fi watchers, talk show followers, off-net sitcom fans, and viewers of information/advice shows.