SNL Scores with Simpson


NBC didn’t bother to edit out Ashlee Simpson’s voice malfunction when the network repeated the infamous Saturday Night Live episode.

Had the network done so, it would have disappointed the 6.5 million viewers who tuned in to watch the Nov. 27 encore of the episode that was hosted by Jude Law. That’s more than the 6.4 million who watched the first run of Simpson’s high-profile flub Oct 23.

It’s extremely rare for the rating of an SNL repeat to beat the first-run version of the telecast, but then, how often do "live" lip-synced performances do a Milli Vanilli. on national TV.

What’s far more common is for the show to pull in a higher rating than any prime time show on Saturday night, which is generally the night when the fewest viewers sit down to watch television.

Nov. 27 was no exception. SNL’s 3.3 rating among 18-49s outscored everything networks put up in prime time. On Oct. 23 SNL pulled in a 3.2 rating.