SNL Returning Early and Often in Fall

SNL to present 11 new episodes and specials leading up to election.

Saturday Night Live, fresh off its six Emmy Award nominations, is looking to capitalize on the presidential election by returning to NBC’s airwaves early and expanding its season, kicking off with four consecutive weeks of new episodes.

SNL will premiere its 34th season Sept. 13 with four straight weeks of new shows, in some respects reprising the show’s return to the air after the writers' strike.

All told, the season will have 22 episodes, up from the usual 20, with seven new episodes airing before the election Nov. 4.

In addition, SNL will once again present its primetime presidential election-year special, Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash 2008, Nov. 3.

As previously announced, SNL will also present three primetime half-hour specials in October leading up to the election.

In the six-and-a-half weeks from its season premiere Sept. 13 to the election Nov. 4, SNL will present 11 new shows.