‘Smile… You’re Under Arrest!’ Lands At Fox Reality

Fox pilot announced in September, 2007 pushed to Fox Reality Channel for December premiere.
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Smile… You’re Under Arrest!, the Fox reality pilot first announced last year, has finally found a home on Fox Reality Channel. The controversial show lures wanted felons--everything from DUI’s to drug charges--into elaborate traps, where actors create wacky scenarios ala Candid Camera. Unlike Candid Camera however, once the prank is over, the person being tricked is hauled off to prison by the police.

Fox says that the unusual tactics used to lure the criminals, such as asking them to model in a photo shoot or star in a movie, are not that strange, at least for the Maricopa County Sheriffs Department in Arizona, the police agency working with Fox on the program.

“Since the early days of television, shows like Candid Camera and more recently Punk’d have let America laugh at elaborately staged pranks and other “gotcha” moments,” said Bob Boden, senior VP of production, programming and development for Fox Reality Channel, in a statement. “Smile… You’re Under Arrest! follows in the tradition of these popular shows. However, it is the first to present these never-before-seen tactics that have been used by law enforcement agencies for years to capture wanted criminals.”

Smile… You’re Under Arrest! will premiere on Fox Reality Channel Saturday, December 27.