Sky Taps Vizrt For 3D Graphics

Will support 3D channel launching in April

Sky Sports has chosen Vizrt as the key graphics provider for its new stereoscopic 3D channel 3DTV channel, which U.K. pay-TV operator Sky is due to launch in April.

The stereoscopic Vizrt system that Sky Sports has chosen employs a Viz Trio CG operator interface, controlling a Viz render engine PC. The powerful graphics engine uses two graphics cards and the separately rendered HD channels for each eye are synchronized by a new application developed for the 3D process. The stereoscopic convergence point and depth are also dynamically adjustable to allow for changing camera views. The system can also be driven by GPI triggers from the vision-mixing desk.

Vizrt had previously supplied Sky Sports with SD and HD graphics.

"Vizrt has always been a real-time 3D system and this meant it was easy for our designers to convert Sky Sports' current HD designs to their stereo 3D equivalents," said Sky Sports director of operations Darren Long in a statement. "The results are stunning and the graphics drew special attention from viewers when we recently ran our world's-first stereo 3D football match trial. I am sure that Vizrt's graphics will enhance our new 3D channel, just as they do for all our other channels."