Six Feet Joins Sex, Sopranos on Basic


Bravo bought the exclusive rights to rerun HBO’s Six Feet Under for the next four years, paying a reported $15 million-plus for 63 episodes, all five seasons of the show.

The NBC-owned cable network is paying about $250,000 for each hour episode of the quirky mortuary drama, which will debut in back-to-back, once-weekly airings on Bravo in fall 2006.

The deal marks the third major HBO show that has found a second home on basic cable.

Sex and the City went to TBS for about $700,000 per episode in 2003 (the Tribune company got broadcast syndication rights) and The Sopranos went to A&E last year for a record-breaking $2.55 million an episode.

Six Feet came in well under those totals, probably because its off-beat content may prove an acquired taste.

Bravo, which already runs repeats of The West Wing, will now try shop the show to advertisers who were never able to get in on the program when it was on ad-free HBO.

Bravo is in some 80 million homes, while HBO is in fewer than 30 million. As with Sex and The Sopranos, HBO will work with Bravo to edit the show for basic cable.