Significant Layoffs at KLRT-KARK Little Rock

Around 28 let go, including news director, after Mission acquisition
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Around 28 staffers are being laid off from KLRT and KARK
Little Rock, according to At least 20 from KLRT, a Fox
affiliate, and as many as eight from KARK, aligned with NBC, are reportedly
being let go.

The layoffs include on-air personalities Wendy Suares, Adam
Rodriguez and Jonathan Athens, reports Arkansas Business, as well as KLRT news
director Ed Trauschke.

Earlier this month, Chuck
Spohn, general manager at KLRT-KASN, was dismissed.

Mission, which has an operating relationship with Nexstar,
acquired KLRT-KASN from Newport TV in July.

Michael Vaughn, Nexstar's Little Rock vice president and
general manager, called it a "one-wave" reduction, as opposed to the
first in a series.

All remaining employees will be consolidated into KARK
headquarters, reports the publication.


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