Showtime going with Bang, Bang


Showtime has greenlit the original movie Bang, Bang You're Dead, set to star Tom Cavanaugh from NBC's Ed and The West Wing's Janel Moloney.

Set to air sometime in 2002, Bang, Bang is based on the play by the same name that looks into the inner thoughts of a student who shoots and kills his parents and classmates. The play's writer, William Mastrosimone, was inspired to do the project after his son's school was canceled for one day, following death threats made by a student. The play's first performers were students who witnessed a school shooting at Springfield, Oregon's Thurston High. Mastrosimone, who adapted his play for the Showtime film, is the executive producer of Bang, Bang.

In the film, Ed's Cavanaugh stars as a high school teacher who wants to put on a play dramatizing a teen massacre, hoping to scare straight a student thought to be capable of committing such a crime. - Susanne Ault