Short Subject from Sí TV


Sí TV, the English-language Latino-targeted cable network, is adding Circumsized Cinema to its lineup come February, one of several programming announcements it made to critics in Los Angeles.

In the half-hour show, which launches Feb. 25, Esparza takes campy Mexican movies, edits them into 30-minute versions and adds new, scripted English audio tracks. Circumsized Cinema launches Feb. 25 on the net, which reaches about eight million digital cable and satellite subs.

In other news, the network has slated a second new series, Not So Foreign Filmmakers Showcase and has picked up the second season of American Family, the Latino-themed drama.

The Showcase will launch March 30 and feature films by or about Latinos, blacks and Asians.

Sí TV began airing the first season of off-PBS drama, American Family, Oct. 11.Starring Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos, the show chronicles a family in East LA.

Sí TV, founded in 1997 as a production company, is courting a young (18-34), hip, Latino audience.