Sesame Workshop Enters Claymation Series Arena

The Adventures of Bert and Ernie to Debut Internationally

Sesame Workshop is wrapping up production on its first full-length foray into claymation, The Adventures of Bert and Ernie.

The series will initially be for international distribution, although a spokesman said it could eventually make its way to the United States, as well.

Clay-based animation has a long and colorful history, from Gumby and Pokey and Will Vinton's California Raisins -- Vinton actually coined the term claymation, although it has since entered the language as a generic term -- to Britain's Oscar-winning duo of Wallace & Gromit (trio if you include creator Nick Park).

The workshop teamed up with German public broadcaster NDR, Kika and UK Five’s Milkshake on two seasons worth of the show, which will debut in March 2008 and 2009, respectively.

The folks behind Sesame Street have used claymation in segments of that series, but this will be its first clay-based series.

Sesame Workshop also said it is expanding its 20-plus international Sesame Street co-productions to Northern Ireland and Indonesia.