Sesame St. Pitches FCC-Friendly Trio

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You heard it here first: Bert & Ernie have feet of clay. And everything else, for that matter.

Sesame Workshop is pushing a claymation version of the famed Sesame Street duo (named after the cop and cabbie in It's a Wonderful Life), one of three new FCC-friendly shows the veteran kids TV producer will be shopping at MIP-TV in Cannes next month for domestic and international distribution.

The other two are The Upside Down Show, which is being co-produced by cable channel Noggin, which will air the show in the U.S., and pre-school-targeted The Little Carousel, which will star Julie Andrews and a puppet sidekick who together answer Mr. Rogers-like questions from "what are feelings?" to "how do you make music?," something Andrews certainly knows a thing or two about.

Upside Down features comedy duo The Umbilical Brothers, to house-bound characters who take kids on voyages of discovery.

Sesame is still looking for U.S. and international outlets for Upside Down and Carousel.