Sens. eye media violence research


Look for Sens. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) and Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) to make
news at a panel in Washington, D.C., this week on the effects of the media on children.

The two lawmakers -- who have teamed up before on legislation targeting the media's
marketing of violence to children -- are expected to announce legislation to set
aside federal funds for a child-development study on the "consequences and use
of a range of media."

Lieberman's office would not comment beyond saying that the senator "looks
forward to the discussion" this Wednesday at the National Press Club.

The forum's sponsor, the Children's Digital Media Center, said it expects the
pair to back bucks for research by the National Institute of Child Health and
Human Development.

Brownback's office had not returned calls at press time.

It is unclear whether Lieberman, who is a contender for the 2004 Democratic
presidential nomination, plans to make media's impact on children a campaign
issue, but it has been a concern of his since well before his run in