Senior Bush Not Sure Clinton Is 'Gimme' for Nomination

Former President to Appear on Fox News Sunday , Chat with Chris Wallace

Former President George Bush said he isn't ready to say Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) is a lock for the nomination just yet, despite a double-digit lead in all the polls.

That's according to the first President Bush's interview with Chris Wallace for a new Fox News Sunday segment on "American Leaders" that launches Nov. 4.

"Well, look, if she's the nominee, I obviously will be for her opponent," Bush told Wallace. "I thought a few weeks ago that she was almost a ‘gimme,’ as we say in golf, for the nomination. I'm not sure I feel that way now," he said, adding that the Democratic party is more willing to "take her on and to argue about stuff."

The former president wasn't looking to make headlines saying that he was predicting her defeat. “I'm not sure that I want to be on record as just saying I don't necessarily believe Hillary is going to win the primary, to say nothing of the general election," he said. "But the American people have a way of sorting these things out ... There hasn't been any anointing in the process.”

The former president suggested that his friendship with another former president, Bill Clinton, which grew out of a tag-team effort to raise money for disaster victims, can survive their political differences. "But, just as he's not going to tiptoe about his differences with the president," he added, "I wouldn't tiptoe with my differences with Hillary."

The series is attempting to reach beyond the Beltway as well to tap business and cultural leaders, including General Electric chairman Jeffrey Immelt, FedEx CEO Fred Smith and eBay president Meg Whitman, who are all lined up for future Sunday-morning interviews.

The interviews will get play on both the Fox network Sunday morning and again on Fox News Channel with the show's 6 p.m. Sunday rebroadcast.