Senators Plan Reg Road Show


In a move that evokes the public-interest town meetings of Federal Communications Commission Democrat members Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, two of the most influential legislators regarding telecommunications policy will be going on the road, too.

Inouye (D-Hawaii) told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that he and Ted Stevens (R-Alaska.), will hold six such meetings across the country to let the public weigh in on possible changes to the Telecommunications Act.

As the ranking democrat and chairman, respectively, of the Senate Commerce Committee, Inouye and Stevens will preside over a planned rewrite of the Act. Inouye has expressed reservations about whether the new act should give cable the "breaks" it got the first time around when it was "in its infancy." Inouye also points out that the 1996 rewrite of the act does not address the internet.

Of the town hall meetings, Inouye told the paper: ""We are going to begin in January after the inauguration, and continue in February. Inouye, who has expressed reservations about loosening broadcast ownership rules, says that issue will come up in the act review as well.

"Now there are people expressing concern, and this will be one of the questions we will be inquiring into," Inouye said.