Senate: One more digital-copyright hearing


The Senate Antitrust Subcommittee is holding a hearing Thursday on whether
the market is successfully protecting digital content such as TV shows, movies
and music.

Content providers would argue that it isn't, and they have been complaining
to Congress that Web sites such as Streamcast Networks' Morpheus allow Internet users to pilfer
their copyrighted content free-of-charge.

Moreover, the studios are in a protracted fight with computer makers and
consumer-electronics manufacturers over whether technology should be included in
new PCs and copying devices that would keep copies of digital content from being
distributed over the Internet.

As a result, The Walt Disney Co. and News Corp. want Congress to set an
18-month deadline by which the matter must be resolved or the federal government
will step in.

A witness list was not yet available, although Motion Picture Association of
America president Jack Valenti is scheduled to be out of town that