Senate Confirms Brill, Ramirez To FTC

FTC now has full complement of commisioners

The Senate Wednesday confirmed two new members of the Federal Trade Commission, Julie Brill and Edith Ramirez.

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowtiz now has a full complement of commissioners--there was one vacancy and Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour is exiting--and a 3-2 majority of Democratic appointees.

"We look forward to welcoming the newly confirmed Federal Trade Commissioners Julie Brill and Edith Ramirez," said Leibowitz of the confirmations. "They are both exceptionally talented and committed, and will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and new energy to the Commission."

Center For Digital Democracy Jeff Chester gave a shout-out to Brill, who he hoped would be an ally in his push for greater government attention to online marketing and privacy issues. "She is expected to become a leading consumer champion on privacy and online marketing," he said. "This is a great day for consumer protection in the U.S."

According to an American Bar Association bio for Brill, those issues are clearly in her wheelhouse. She is former vice chair of the ABA's Consumer Protection Committee and has been hailed by Privacy International for her work promoting consumers' privacy issues as assistant attorney general for Vermont.