Sen. Markey: Feb. 26 to Be Internet Innovation Freedom Day

Joins with 'net activists to celebrate upcoming FCC vote
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Title II fan Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) got together with net neutrality activists to celebrate the anticipated FCC vote to reclassify Internet access as a telecommunications service under some common-carrier regulations and warned that ISPs and others would pull out all the stops to discredit that effort.

In a conference call with reporters, Markey praised Free Press, former FCC chairman Michael Copps, Public Knowledge and others with being digital Paul Reveres: "You have called us to arms, you have sounded the alarm. You have taken to the 'Net and to the streets in order to advocate for this new set of rules being put on the books."

Markey said that not only was this revolution televised, but it was "streamed and tweeted and snapped and shared around the world."

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