Secret puts ABC in hot water


ABC may get some heat from the Federal Communications Commission after airing
a special Thursday night that featured scantily-clad Victoria's Secret

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps started receiving e-mails complaining about
the highly-rated show even before it aired, with some people unhappy about the
racy promos.

After the show ran, Copps forwarded hundreds of e-mails to the FCC's
Enforcement Bureau.

He is asking the bureau to determine whether the show violated indecency

FCC staffers say the commission typically does not investigate indecency
issues unless a formal complaint is filed, and no such complaint exists

FCC Chairman Michael Powell also received e-mails complaining about the
program, said Susan Eid, Powell's legal advisor.

ABC defended itself by saying the show had been rated 'TV-14, D, S, L,'
meaning it was deemed not appropriate for kids under 14.

The letters signal racy dialogue, sex and adult language.

'As with any other program, viewers have a choice to tune in or not,' the
network said in a statement.

But part of Copps' issue is that promos are not rated, an issue the
commission is considering in an ongoing proceeding.

The special garnered ABC 12.4 million viewers, a 16% increase over the
network's average rating in that time period this season.

- Paige Albiniak