SeaChange Demos Mobile Content Delivery


Video-on-demand vendor SeaChange International is at NCTA this week demonstrating several mobile video applications, including secure, real-time streaming to mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and laptops, and video downloads to Apple iPods and Sony PlayStation Portables.

The mobile demos show how SeaChange’s Axiom Open Suite on-demand operational software can transport the on-demand experience to mobile devices through IP video-transport streams sent over cell networks, WiFi and high-speed data connections.  The Axiom software manages sessions and resources for all video network functions, including streaming and application network services. SeaChange’s QuickSilver Content Composer is used to generate and manage multiple renditions of video assets formatted to meet individual mobile device requirements. 

The Axiom-Quicksilver combo can automatically transcode broadcast television and place content onto servers for immediate playout in dozens of formats, says SeaChange. The Maynard, Mass.-based company is also demonstrating Axiom’s ability to provide time-shifted television, targeted advertising, HDTV and games to traditional TV sets.

“From content creation to packaging and distribution, Axiom software is the key to providing a seamless video experience across any mobile device, so today’s SeaChange VOD customers will be able to serve video to subscribers anywhere,” says Yvette Kanouff, senior VP of corporate strategy for SeaChange. “It’s the latest advantage of software that automates the majority of on-demand television.”