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Scripps Debuts Social-Networking Salon

RedBlueAmerica.com to Include Blogs, Personal Profiles, Videos
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Tapping Americans’ opinions on everything from the presidential election to baseball’s steroids scandal, E.W. Scripps launched RedBlueAmerica.com Wednesday, a “fully interactive forum for diverse political and cultural ideas and opinion.”

RedBlueAmerica.com will “serve as an ongoing public forum for a full array of user-generated content,” according to Scripps, “including blogs, personal profiles, videos and more.”

The site features “Truth or Not,” which challenges claims from high-profile newsmakers, and a daily opinion poll. Wednesday’s poll showed that 36% of respondents watched the Democratic debate last night, while 14% watched American Idol.

"RedBlueAmerica.com is a place for people interested in what the other half thinks on the important and interesting issues of the day," Scripps vice president of news and RedBlueAmerica.com founder John Temple said. "It's a place where they'll always find the best thinkers on their own side stacked up against the best thinkers on the other side; a place for a lively and civil conversation about the topics people are talking about -- or should be talking about."