Sci Fi Channel Green-Lights Revolution Pilot

Show Going Into Production in January

Following the announcement that critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica will not be returning after next season, Sci Fi Channel gave the green-light to a new pilot with similar political overtones being developed by Without a Trace writers Ed Redlich and John Bellucci.

Dubbed Revolution, the pilot follows the trials and tribulations facing the colony of “New America,” located on an Earthlike planet 50 light-years away. Much like Galactica, the show will echo contemporary issues, themes and politics.

"Revolution is a powerful drama with all of the key emotional elements," Sci Fi executive vice president of programming Mark Stern said in a statement announcing the acquisition. "There are power struggles, love stories, rebellions, victories, great sacrifices plus thrills and action. Ultimately, it's a story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and the heroes that emerge even in the most trying of times."

The two-hour pilot, produced by CBS Paramount Network Television, will go into production in January, 2008.