Samsung Delays Blu-Ray Launch


Samsung, which was supposed to be first to market with a device to play back high-definition “Blu-ray” disks, has postponed the launch.
The Korean consumer electronics giant had originally scheduled the U.S. product launch of its 1080-line progressive (1080p) Blu-ray player for May 23, but it issued a statement late Monday saying it is delaying the product’s introduction until June 25.
Samsung says it needs to “complete compatibility testing” with Blu-Ray test discs that will become available in late April from product manufacturers and content providers.

Samsung says the hardware development for the BD-P1000 Blu-Ray player is complete and the product is ready for mass production in Suwon, South Korea, once the compatibility tests are passed, with an expected retail price of $999.
But with Sony scheduled to launch its own Blu-ray player in July, it appears the race to be first to market is tightening.