Sallet to Oversee Charter/TWC Deal Vetting

Owen Kendler will head transaction team
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FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has picked the team that will vet the latest major media merger.

FCC general counsel Jonathan Sallet will lead the merger review of the proposed Charter/Time Warner Cable transaction.

Sallet will chair the steering committee for the transaction team. Others on the committee include Media Bureau chief Bill Lake, International Bureau chief Mindel De La Torre, Wireline Competition Bureau chief Matthew DelNero, and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau chief Roger Sherman.

Owen Kendler is joining the office of general counsel to head the transaction review team. Kendler comes from the Justice Department, where he has been the assistant chief of the Telecommunications and Media Enforcement Section in the antitrust division.

Betsy McIntyre from the Wireline Competition Bureau will be deputy lead on the transaction team.

Senior FCC economist on the deal will be William Rogerson, the same senior economist on the Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal, which the FCC opposed, and the AT&T/DirecTV deal, which the FCC is expected to approve with conditions.