SAG: Limit Indecency Bill To Station Fines


Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg told a Senate Commerce Committee indecency hearing audience Thursday that upping indeceny fines on stations and licensees should be a sufficient deterrent to indecent programming, but said that performers should not be targeted and that stations should not have their licenses put at risk.

All have been suggested as elements in legislation toughening indecency enforcement that is currently before the committee. A fine-boosting bill has already passed the House twice.

Rosenberg, whose wife, Marg Helgenberger, stars in CBS' CSI, said that targeting individuals for up to $500,000 for doing their jobs would chill creative content. While he said CSI is not indecent, he also said it isn't appropriate for children. But that doesn't mean it should be denied to adults, he added.

He opined that the indecency standard was a vague and moving target, but SAG was still willing to have it applied to stations if it could protect its members from being targeted.SAG is particularly concerned with proposals upping fines for performers nd removing the current first warning for performers before a fine can be levied. Rosenberg pointed out that there were already morals clauses in most actors' contracts. "If we did something to violate that," he said, "we would be fired."