Sachs toasts Telecom Act


Robert Sachs, president of the renamed National Cable and Telecommunications Association, lauded the success of the 1996 Telecommunications Act on its fifth birthday during a Tuesday address to the Washington Metro Cable Club.

"This month, cable will add its 10 millionth digital video customer, its four millionth high-speed data customer, and, perhaps most significantly, its one millionth residential cable telephone customer," Sachs said. "That adds up to 15 million new revenue units and millions of highly satisfied customers."

NCTA celebrated those numbers by passing out baseball hats and buttons with the numbers 10-4-1 on them. It's the cable industry's success in branching out into new businesses - at a cost of $42 billion in fiber optic upgrades over the last five years - that finds Sachs backing the act so strongly.

"By deregulating cable rates in 1999, the Act spurred an unprecented wave of new investment. Cable operators obtained the capital to provide consumers with digital video, high-speed data and other advanced services," Sachs said. - Paige Albiniak