S-A Gets Seal of Approval for CableCARD


Scientific Atlanta has been awarded “qualified status” by CableLabs for its multi-stream CableCARD, branded “M-Card,” that enables consumers of retail set-top boxes and integrated digital television sets to watch and/or record their programming from multiple simultaneous tuners using a single CableCARD. The use of multiple tuners allows functions such as handling picture-in-picture or simultaneous “watch-and-record” of multiple digital video channels.

S-A, a subsidiary of Cisco Systems, says the "M-Card" will operate in a backwards-compatible, single-stream manner when paired with a single-stream device (for example, in a Unidirectional Digital Cable Product); or in a multi-stream manner when paired with a multi-stream device. It is expected that multi-stream CableCARD devices will be widely available for use by mid-2006 and will be supported by cable operators.